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San Marino: Guide to the anciest republic of the world

San Marino History

San Marino, the feast of the patron saint (September 3)

History and tradition of the Ancient Republic of San MarinoSan Marino History: The history of the Republic starts in the year 301 A.D. In the Republic of San Marino the cult of the...

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San Marino is the ideal destination for a weekend or a holiday immersed in the history and charm of this wonderful land Heritage. The Republic of San Marino is the oldest in the world. Full of events all year round from the theater at conferences and is a location full of historic medieval. Here are some information about this beautiful country. At the center of the territory of San Marino is Monte Titano (750 meters), around which the state is approximately in the shape of an irregular quadrilateral with a total area of about 61 square kilometers mostly hilly. San Marino is bordered to the northeast by the Emilia Romagna region and south-west with the Marches.

From the top of Mount Titano, one of the most unique in Italy: the blue of the Adriatic Sea that stretches into the distance preceded by the rolling hills of the Marche and Montefeltro on the one hand and on the other by the lush lands of Romagna.

San Marino is not divided into regions or provinces, but in Castles, 9 in total. Each Castle, originally a small town according to many urban settlements located in the area, and has something to discover its own peculiarities. Each castle is easily connected to each other thanks to an efficient and convenient road network. Along the roads you can park in designated areas and admire the green hilltop setting of the territory of San Marino and the beauty of Montefeltro.


San Marino is an independent parliamentary republic asserts its sovereignty year after year. After having been for a while under Italian republic, currently has many bilateral agreements and treaties with other European countries there are strong diplomatic and consular relations.

In San Marino there is no real written Constitution, as well as Italy. In San Marino speaks of "Ancient Customs" and "Statutes of the Republic". The Declaration of the Rights of '74 is perhaps the document that most closely resembles a state law. We explain how organized the Republic of San Marino at the institutional level:

  • Captains Regent : 2 people that serve as the Head of State ; they perform functions purely symbolic for only 6 months. Every year, i1st of April and 1st of October, there is the change of the Captains Regent. For this purpose, San Marino holds a world record : the shortest mandate of the Head of State.
  • Great and General Council : This is a parliament composed of 60 individuals, elected every 5 years, the parliament is directed by proportional representation and the election shall be by universal suffrage .
  • State Congress: inside the Great and General Council are chosen 10 men who will carry out the function of Secretaries of State. The organ with an executive function.
  • Council of Twelve: this board performs a judicial function as a Court of Appeal of the third degree.
  • Guarantors the Constitutionality of Standards: born in 2002, performs a function of constitutional guarantee.
  • Township Councils: small governing bodies of each Castle of San Marino headed by a Captain Castle


Two horizontal bands of equal size, white and light blue, the coat of arms of San Marino: This is the famous San Marino's flag adopted in April 6, 1864.

Bandiera e Stenna San Marino

The two colors are not random : the white is to symbolize the freedom , the blue of the sky. The coat of arms represents the Mount Titano with 3 Fortresses of the capital : Montale , Cesta and Guaita . Each of the 3 peaks is dominated by a tower with battlements above a silver ostrich feather always silver. Outside observe two green branches in the direction of divergent laurel to the left, to the right of oak. The two branches are connected at the lower level by a band which is causing the inscription " Libertas ", that do not need translation. The crown and feathers , symbols of sovereignty and freedom, are to underline the absolute sovereignty of the state, which does not recognize any other authority other than itself .


From the point of view of nature and landscape, the 61km square of the territory of San Marino have a unique richness and highly diversified. The trails are 77 and you displace to a length of 84 km. 6 established routes, which could then increase with some personal initiative. The predetermined paths, however, offer the possibility to observe San Marino in his angles more details: pads , meadows , streams, woods, shrubs , valleys .. At each stop you will find brief descriptions of the area you are looking beyond the more significant aspects related to history, vegetation, flora and fauna.

San Marino, shopping capital

San Marino is a rich land of shops: walking the districts and characteristic monuments of the country you will notice the presence of shops and bazaars of all kinds: jewelry, costume jewelry, ceramics, clothing , perfumes , well-known articles in leather and much more. In addition to this there is the possibility of running into many shops of local production: art objects unique, hand -painted ceramics, precious objects in wrought iron or fine embroidery and lace. To protect and enhance the unique local handicrafts , since 1995 , have been protected from the Mark of Origin and typical .

But San Marino is not only shops and craft products. Like any home shopping, can not certainly miss shopping centers and factory outlets: San Marino Factory, Atlas , Blue, Electronics are just a few of our major centers where to find incredible deals in the field of designer clothing, perfumes, jewelry and technology to ' avant-garde.

Straight from the Riviera to the shopping malls of San Marino : Every year thousands of visitors , especially in summer , and the sea moving comfortably into one of our shopping centers located largely in the vicinity of the state border and with numerous parking available.


Museums, palaces and ancient fortresses: a dream trip to discover a fabulous rich territory to explore and learn. The attractions of San Marino will be able to surprise and entertain a broad and diverse public.

Even the religious places of San Marino are an important part of culture and tourism: these places have always played an important role in every single Castle confirming the hospitality and brotherhood that characterizes the people. Some museums are even deprived : a rare and unique opportunity to discover the uniqueness and beauty of the Titan.


The large cereal fields that characterize the territory, vineyards and olive groves of ancient tradition, the farms specialized in the production of dairy and meat products, beekeeping for thousands of years is part of the culture of the house mean that the park is rich gastronomic San Marino and to discover.

Simple things , but rich in tradition: these are the two ingredients that make home products genuine and sober. The love, care and attention with which each product is prepared espouse the characteristics and the quality of a heritage that has been able to delight the most discerning palates. Just hearing about passatelli , noodles, Strozzapreti Cappelletti and the throat begins to dry .

An amazing piadina? A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil of our hills on a fragrant slice of bread homegrown? A good glass of Brugneto or Tessano matured in cherry? Or maybe you prefer matured in oak barrels? Maybe it's better a good white , maybe still, we recommend a Biancale or Roncale .

Are you a sweet tooth? You're in the right place : bustrengo , caciatello or the classic donut pucciata in an excellent high-quality raisin muscat grapes Gold of the Goths.