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Marina Centro Rimini Hotels

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Marina Centro Rimini Hotels: this is one of the most distinguished Rimini areas known for its beautiful shopping pedestrian boulevards. The Marina Centro Hotels are just a few meters away from the many label designer boutiques. This is where you will find the well known Fellini park located next to the Grand Hotel of Rimini. In 1843 the first beach facility was born in this area commissioned by the counts Claudio Tintori, Alessandro and Ruggero Baldini. Rimini’s wellness vocation started here too by professors Paolo Mantegazza and Augusto Murri; it’s not surprising then if Marina Centro is located at the heart of the Rimini coastline.

Rimini luxury tourism started In 1908 when the Grand Hotel was completed until a few years later, between 1920 and 1930, when the city became a tourist destination for families. In 1857 Piazza Cavour Town Theater was constructed and in 1861 the Bologna - Ancona railway line was finished.

A new beach facility was built in 1872 called Kursaal which was also used as a city gambling house. During the years, city planning evolved and gave birth to a new boulevard which connected the old town to the beach and was later called Principe Amedeo Avenue.

Locals love to reminisce their touristic vocation by walking along these roads, the Rimini harbour, the lighthouse and the clam fishing boats romantically depicted by the Italian comedy-drama film °Amarcord° directed by Federico Fellini.

From dawn to sunset the coastline is absolutely beautiful and offers a breathtaking panorama dotted by colorful beach resorts. The Vespucci boulevard runs parallel to the seafront and is well known for its fashion boutiques and bars.

Young ones meet at the Marina Centro’s pubs, trendy nightclubs and restaurants well known for their roasted fresh fish, tasty fish soups and many other local dishes.

Driving directions: for those traveling by car, take the Rimini South exit on the A14 motorway and follow the directions for the sea. For those traveling by bus Marina Centro is 1km away from old town. Catch bus n. 11 and get off at bus stop n.10

Marina centro encapsulates Rimini’s touristic origins. Visitors are immediately immersed by a special and fascinating atmosphere, surrounded by vintage buildings and historic milestones. Choose this area for romantic weekends and spend your vacation in a luxurious hotel equipped with every comfort and wellness treatments specifically designed to make your stay special and unforgettable.

Marina centro is also an ideal destination for sport lovers thanks to the many football pitches, tennis courts and minigolf courses.

Lastly, during the evenings this flourishing town will provide all the desired entertainment just a few steps away from your hotel.