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1 Star Rimini Hotels and Guest Houses

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Rimini Guest Houses and 1 Star Hotels: these small hotels are a perfect budget holiday solution. On this page you will find cheap overnight packages without having to sacrifice the Adriatic Riviera atmosphere. One star Rimini hotels are hard to find because more and more tourist facilities are investing in high services, the best comforts and technologies. The few 1 star family run hotels that are still available offer: simplicity, friendliness, flexibility and reasonable prices.

Do you fancy adventurous and exciting holidays? Are you looking forward to a relaxing stay within a quiet carefree atmosphere? If the answer is yes, Rimini is what you are looking for.

The facilities listed on this page offer many services tailored to the needs of families looking for relaxing and low cost holidays.

These hotels are also ideal for young guests planning a disco club weekend. The many Adriatic Riviera night clubs, bars and restaurants have one thing in common: they guarantee absolute fun! The Adriatic Riviera is a unique destination which offers relaxing carefree stays but also weekend holiday packages for both sport and fun lovers.

These hotels offer late morning brunch for those who want to be free from scheduled early morning breakfasts, especially after staying out late at night. Discover the many pubs, discos and nightclub that keep the Adriatic Riviera hot summer nights alive.