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New Year Offers Adriatic Riviera: Last Minute Rimini, Riccione and Bellaria Hotels

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Many tour operators organize New Year’s Eve on the Adriatic Riviera. Lots of events are scheduled during this night and through the entire weekend by Hotels, Restaurants and Nightclubs. Find on this page a full list of events, locations and news in order to easily organize your Rimini and Riccione New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve on the Riviera

There are many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Rimini or at one of the neighbouring beach towns

Many restaurants organize New Year’s Eve dinners along with shows and entertainment which include live orchestral local Romagna music for ballroom dancing, Mazurka Polish dancing, and Folk music; others organize brazilian dancing shows or dj-sets for young ones who want to dance all night long. Restaurants offer special deals for New Year toasts to be enjoyed along with a good meal or just drinks and a lot of fun.

After eating at one of the restaurants many choose to spend the rest of the night dancing at one of the nightclubs of the Adriatic Riviera.

Hotels offer cheap and affordable New Year’s Eve holiday packages with overnight stay, nightclub entry and New Year’s Eve dinner.

Those who are looking for a traditional and public square party may attend the many concerts and comedy shows organized at different Rimini and Riccione public squares. The most famous show is the one held at the Fellini square which hosts famous Italian music and show celebrities.


Capodanno Discoteca


To run away from the nightclub and public square confusion why not organize your own party tailored to your needs by renting an apartment or small villa located in a quiet and peaceful area.

New Year’s Eve on the Adriatic Riviera does not just start on the 31st of December up to the 1st of January. Starting as early as mid November beaches and public squares organize Christmas street markets, exhibitions, events and shows like the Torre Pedrera nativity scenes sculptured with sand or classical music concerts.

Useful Information for New Year’s Eve on the Adriatic Riviera

We suggest booking your hotel or residential apartment within good time because many choose to spend their New Year’s Eve at Rimini; the same is true for New Year’s Eve dinners or nightclub tables. If you are not familiar with Rimini roads you may want to use public transportation or call a taxi in order to get to your party in time avoiding queues.  

The origins of New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve celebrations originate with the worship of the a pagan God called Janus (the God of new beginnings with two faces, one facing into the past and one facing in to the future). The celebration intended to bring good luck for the beginning of a new year. During the 7th Century Druid followers, the pagans of the Flanders, used to celebrate the new year arrival. Saint Eligio intensely opposed the adoption of this celebration within the Christian traditions by firmly disapproving all festivities and rituals connected to it.

Before the introduction of the Julian calendar, Italians and Europeans celebrated New Year’s Eve on different days. Even after adopting the Gregorian calendar some differences still persisted until 1691, when Pope Innocent the 7th decided to uniform the calendars choosing the 1st of January as the beginning of the year.

Reform acts were attempted by France and Italy. In Italy during the fascist 20 year reign, precisely on October 28th 1922, the New Year’s Fascist Eve Era was established which included a different numbering of years. On the 25th of April 1945 the fascist regime fell together with the New Year’s Fascist Eve Era.


Tradizioni Capodanno


The Traditions and customs of New Year’s Eve

The superstitious customs that belong to this celebration are many. Among them are: dressing in red colour underwear, throwing old belongings out of the window to break any connection with what belonged to the old year and also kissing under the mistletoe to start the new year with a romantic touch and goodlook.

Many make a list of new year resolutions and others eat lentils during New Year’s Eve dinner symbolizing prosperity and wealth. Similar traditions are shared by other countries: in Spain people celebrate New Year by eating 12 grapes, one for each bell ring of the Puerta del Sol Madrid clock. In nearly all areas of the former Soviet Union people exchange gifts and open their doors to let the new year “in”. In South America paper mache dummies are stuffed with firecrackers. In Japan people flock to the temple asking for forgiveness of their sins. The temple bells ring for a total of 108 times in symbol of the worldly desires and sins that may have been committed during the old year.

Last Minute Offers for the New Year’s Eve Weekend

Many tour operators organize New Year’s Eve on the Adriatic Riviera. Lots of events are scheduled during this night and through the entire weekend by restaurants and nightclubs. Hotels and residential apartments also organize special holiday packages for the New Year’s Eve Weekend.

There are many ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve on the Adriatic Riviera: starting from the traditional public square parties to the famous shows and concerts hosted along the Rimini harbour broadcasted on the Italian State television RAI.

Restaurants also offer special deals for New Year toasts to be enjoyed along with fish/meat menus or just drinks and toasts.

Adriatic Riviera nightclubs, famous in all Europe, are an ideal destination for those who want to party all night long celebrating New Year. Many discos also offer New Year’s Eve dinners and midnight toasts.

Hotels organize special New Year holiday packages for parties and New Year’s Eve dinners.

Colourful fireworks brighten up the Adriatic Riviera New Year night celebrations entertaining young and old alike, from low cost parties to more glamorous and sophisticated events hosted at one of the most exclusive nightclubs of Riccione and Rimini.

Listed on this page the Rimini, Riccione, Milano Marittima or San Marino facilities that host New Year’s Eve events and celebrations.