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Hotels for Celiacs - Rimini Beach

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Rimini and Riccione hotels for celiacs all in one section, the best hotel offers that guarantee gluten free dishes; a vast selection of hotels with menus for celiacs and facilities certified by AIC, the Celiac Disease Italian Foundation. Discover our hotels for celiacs section!

There are many gluten free hotels on the Adriatic Riviera; those who are gluten intolerant know that finding a hotel for celiacs is essential for guaranteeing a peaceful holiday.

More and more tourist facilities are taking in consideration these type of food intolerances to offer the best comforts and services. The AIC Federation hotels are equipped with specific ovens, deep fryers, pans, pots, knives, cutting boards and other kitchen utensils used specifically for gluten free meals.

Every facility lists their specific celiac services, if they are included in the offer or need to be paid separately and how to request them.

On this page, Rimini Beach, is happy to present an entire section dedicated to the Rimini and Riccione hotels for celiacs.