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Gabicce Mare Hotels

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Gabicce Mare Hotels: this strategically located area offers a wide range of cultural itineraries that start from ancient strongholds, medieval towns to amazing views from the green hills overlooking the blue sea. Those who spend their summer holidays at Gabicce also enjoy visiting to the nature park of San Bartolo. Gabicce is well connected to the main amusement attractions of the Adriatic Riviera and guarantees fun and entertaining holidays.

Find on this page the best selection of Gabicce Hotels and Last Minute beach holiday offers. The facilities provide a wide range of accommodation formulas from Bed & Breakfast to All Inclusive. Gabicce Mare is a famous seaside resort well known for fine sand beaches. This area and Cattolica are divided by the Tavollo river, the harbour is equipped with 150 boat docks 5 km to the south of Marina di Vallugola.

Gabicce Mare Hotels: Gabicce’s history is similar to its closeby castles and towns; it was originally under the dominion of the Church of Ravenna and later under the township of Rimini after a long struggle with the neighboring town of Pesaro. The natural environment of Gabicce is varied just within a few kilometers: a small bay, safe beaches that extend on to the Romagna gulf, the promontory of Gabicce Monte, ravines and rocky ridges, small beaches located next to deep water areas ideal for underwater fishing and the small marina bay of Vallugola located close to the the mythical Valbruna ancient Roman city that was submerged by water.

Hundreds of hotels of all sizes are now located between the sea and hills of this ancient town. A wide and panoramic road winds up all the way to the Gabicce Mount. Next to the castle ruins that used to belong to the Lord Ligabito, now spring many restaurants that serve local traditional food, hotels and pubs located close to the ancient oven of the famous Lanfranco, one of the first artists that decorated local buildings with pure gold.

Gabicce is ideal for many types of vacation: it’s a relaxing destination for those who want to sunbathe and walk along the beautiful avenues shopping and admiring the many boutiques and gift shops. It’s a cultural destination for those who love the Adriatic Riviera history, cinema and music and last but not least it’s a fun haven thanks to local food tasting beach parties with fresh roasted fish, boat cruises, nightclubs and discos that light up the night sky of the Adriatic Riviera.