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Paganello Rimini 2018: the only authentic Frisbee Tournament. The event is scheduled during Easter holidays on the Rimini beach.

from 31 March to 02 April 2018

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Rimini Beach Lungomare Claudio Tintori  -  Rimini

Info: 0541 53399

Event Description

Frisbee lovers and experts: the Rimini event called “Paganello” is waiting for you. The new 2018 edition is scheduled from the 31st of March to the 2nd of April. “Back to the future” ensures lots of fun, parties and music. The best frisbee throwers of the world will compete against each other thanks to spectacular freestyle challenges that will take place at Marina Centro of Rimini.

Music, entertainment and shows are part of this famous Rimini event. Among the Paganello competitors are frisbee experts from 25 states ready to grab hold of the Beach Ultimate World Cup and the trofee dedicated to the best Acrobatic Paganello World Freestyle Challenge freestyler.

The Paganello competition combines sport, challenges and fun enjoyed by young ones from all over the world. There are two sport disciplines part of the Paganello contest: Beach Ultimate teams and Freestyle individuals that perform in groups of two or three. The contest includes 40 men’s teams, 20 women’s teams, 40 mixed and 10 junior teams.

This sport event started as a simple weekend hobby enjoyed between friends and later with the passing of time it has grown into one of the most prestigious frisbee tournaments of the world. Teams come from many parts of the world such as: United States, Russia, Sweden, Canada, England, etc.

What does the Beach Ultimate competition entail? It consists in 5 players on a 75 meter long and 25 meter wide field with two goal lines at the extremities. When one of the players catches the frisbee within the goal lines he will score a point. This game is less dangerous than rugby because there is no physical contact between players and the frisbee can only be kept for maximum 10 seconds before throwing. There is always a happy and peaceful atmosphere during the competitions and this is why no referees are needed, the arbitration is done by the players themselves demonstrating how this game is based on the honesty and integrity of teammates and opponents.

The freestyle discipline is dedicated to the individual talent of each player. Players can choose to compete alone or in pairs. Those who participate will need to follow specific frisbee moves and music choreographies that are analyzed by the judges.

The Paganello competition is also made up of many other activities such as Paga-idol the musical contest for young children from Rimini. This Romagna competition also includes good traditional food like the piadina flatbread and high quality local wines to be enjoyed during the tournament which combines creativity, talent, acrobatics and pure energy. Paganello entry is free of charge just like the welcome party scheduled for Thursday. Admission with fee is required for the other parties.

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