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Disco and Club Events in Emilia Romagna

This section is dedicated to the Clubs and Discoes Events of Romagna, Marche and Emilia. A complete list of the best events in Romagna Rimini and Riccione, without forgetting Bologna, Ravenna and Ancona. There are many clubs that can offer pleasant evenings to live in the world of nightlife ...... Have fun

When the sun goes to rest and umbrellas close, Rimini Riviera continues to live and move under the rays of the moon. They turn on the lights of the avenues of the walk, the lights of the discos , the lights of the amusement parks , cafes , ice cream shops , the local hangout .

She's beautiful, pleasant , warm and seductive, the night on the Riviera. It's nice to watch the Riviera at night from one of the nearby hills of the hinterland: it looks like a kaleidoscope of light and color. It's a night for everyone, where everyone finds their own way to have fun and be with others.

There are those who walk on the waterfront, who stops to enjoy a pizza or ice cream , who took the opportunity to go shopping, who let themselves be caught up in one of the many events that are not lacking in the alleys of the coast or in the hinterland, who takes the kids to the rides, who dives to dance at clubs in the hills.
It is a night that fascinates , that does not scare . It's a sweet night , you might say. Its icon is not by chance become the Pink Night , the great festival of early summer in which the Riviera declares to the world his identity as a welcoming, hospitable, fun.

Even the beach alive at night. What could be better than listening to music and dancing on the beach under the stars? In Riviera dreams come true and many beaches become effervescent just after sunset. Having a drink, dine by candlelight with beautiful music, and then the evening goes on until the middle of the night .

If you want to publish an event in this section please send us an email at redazione@riminibeach.it attaching a picture about the event, the description, and contacts to get any more information. thanks