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3 Star Hotels Bellaria

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3 Star Hotels Bellaria:

here is the best 3 star hotels selection for Bellaria Igea Marina. For your holidays or business stay choose a 3 star hotel in Bellaria Igea Marina. Just few kilometres from Rimini new fair and trade center but within a quiet area and also with an affordable price. The 3-star Hotels in Bellaria are all very close to the beach and famous for good food, Bellaria also offers to their tourist many cultural activities and sports in addition to the traditional seaside holiday. Below is a list of hotels of three-star and 3-star Superior hotel in Bellaria Igea Marina.

Bellaria is a beautiful town on the Adriatic coast that can really satisfy your needs especially if you are looking for the best solution for an holiday full of fun but at the same time peaceful. Why do we say this? Firstly we would like to say that the beaches are large and spacious, and for the entire coast are located sea barrier that allow swimming in a quiet and safe sea area. Lifeguards are very well equipped and you can find also beach tennis and beach volley fields. Every beach resort offer games for kids such as slides, inflatable games and much more.

The hotels of the area are equipped with all the comforts: air conditioning, swimming pool, mini club, entertainment and so on.. it’s also growing the number of hotels that have built an indoor spa or wellness center for those guests who like treatments such as massages, Turkish bath, sauna, sunlamp etc.

The 3 star Hotel are probably the best compromise between price and quality for those who like to enjoy a holiday with all the comfort, but at the same time saving money.