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2 Star Hotels Bellaria

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2 Star Hotels Bellaria:

These are the inns located in Bellaria Igea Marina. These hotels represent all the kindness and hospitality tradition of this region, with a very valuable price. Fun.. games.. sports.. and nightlife! This is what Bellaria offers to their guests. A place that allows guests to truly feel at home. A small town full of events for those who like having fun on their holidays. The famous “Palio dei Saraceni” that every year sees thousands of tourists and participants.

Since 1982, Bellaria Film Festival attracts many independent art directors and fans. During this festival, there are many video contest and takes the prize “Casa Rossa Doc” for the best italian feature film of the season. A place that marked the early years of life of several celebrities, among whom we should mention Raffaella Carrà, who spent her childhood in Bellaria. Nearby Bellaria, you can visit many cultural and historic places. First of all noteworthy is Giovanni Pascoli’s house, located in San Mauro Pascoli, just few kilometres away from Bellaria. Bellaria has got also several parks where you can go with your kids and enjoy a day out. Accomodations in this area can offer the best solutions for spending your holiday in a peaceful place and with the best quality-price ratio.