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Statale Adriatica SS 16, Km. 162 Loc. Mirabilandia 48125 Ravenna check on map

Opening days and times

Open all days from April to October from 10 am to 11 pm

Park attractions

  • Divertical
  • Ispeed
  • Katun
  • Oil Tower 1
  • Oil Tower 2
  • Legends of dead town
  • Blu River
  • Casa Matta
  • Leprotto Express
  • Autosplash
  • Rexplorer
  • Raptotana
  • Leprotto Express
  • Master Thai VR
  • El Dorado Falls
  • Buffalo Bill Rodeo
  • Aquila Tonante
  • Gold Digger
  • Raratonga
  • Reset
  • Ottoland
  • Santa Fè Express
  • Aquaqua
  • Ottoland
  • Music
  • Monosauro
  • Mira Express
  • Mini Rapide
  • Flying Arturo
  • Fantasyland
  • Eurowheel
  • Colazione da papere
  • Carousel
  • Bicisauro
  • Geronimo
  • Campo Sioux
  • Brontocars


Full price

35.90 €

Child (up to 140 cm height)

28 €

Reduced Senior (over 60)

28 €

Family package 2 adults + 2 children:

127.80 €

Children up to 100 cm height

0.00 €

Mirabilandia cannot miss from the list of Italian amusement parks of the Adriatic Riviera! This park is located a few steps away from the art city of Ravenna, it offers 41 attractions along 850 sq.m. of land and is like a little city completely dedicated to fun & entertainment for families with children, teens and adults.

The park is open from April to September, during Easter weekend and in October for Halloween. Every year many tourists visit Mirabilandia, one of the favourite amusement parks for those who spend their holidays on the Adriatic Riviera.

The park offers attractions for all ages: teens, families and also children.

Autosplash and Niagara guarantee a thrilling ending, Blu River offers steep rides on a drift boat, the round rubber dinghy of the Rio Bravo is designed for those who want to experience swollen river adventures and the Katun roller coaster dedicated to the Maya cities, offers a breathtaking experience with 50 meter ‘dives’ at a speed of 110 km/h. These are just some of the exiting rides awaiting for you.

Additional entertainment is guaranteed by the many shows, restaurants and shopping areas. This park is designed to entertain young and old alike thanks to seven green areas, some of which dedicated to live shows. There are attractions for families with little children as well as attractions for those who love speed and thrilling adventures.

The main shows are “Morning Welcome” to start the day with lots of fun and energy together with the main amusement park characters; the cartoon characters of “Max and the farm Crystals” will also welcome all the children at the park; “Peter Pan returns” offers astonishing dives 25 meters high down into very tiny pools; “Police Academy Hotwheels” is an amazing show full of adrenaline.

Don’t miss the opportunity of spending a beautiful day at Mirabilandia. Choose on this page the best offers and book one of the Adriatic Riviera hotels!

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